Trends in Educational Technology Development

The development of educational technology can be felt in various lines of life, one of which is face-to-face activities. The application of technology to support education is not new. However, since the pandemic hit the world, there are more and more forms of technology that we can use in the field of education. The following are some developments in educational technology that are widely used today:

Educational Technology


The Metaverse can be defined as a virtual space that we can enter not just see on a screen. Metaverse is a combination of several types of technology, such as virtual reality, video, and augmented reality. So far, its implementation is still not widely used. With the existence of the metaverse, it is as if students can see directly how a mountain eruption occurs while listening to the explanations from experts.

Cloud-based Learning

Cloud-based learning is commonly referred to as e-learning learning. Some examples of cloud-based learning applications that are widely used are Google Classroom. Teachers/educators can upload learning materials and assignments to the cloud-based classroom. After uploading, students can access learning materials in the media. If there are assignments, students can also submit assignments through the platform.

Blended Learning

Blended learning refers to face-to-face learning combined with online learning. On the other hand, students also apply e-learning with the resources provided by the teacher. With a mixture of these two methods, students are not only dependent on the learning situation in the classroom. Students can also study anywhere by utilizing the learning materials that have been provided by the teacher. This method is considered as a learning method capable of creating a flexible and interactive learning experience. In addition, this learning method is considered effective in making students more technologically literate because there is learning material delivered online.


Further developments in educational technology can be found in the gamification learning method. In the field of education refers to learning methods that are designed in such a way as a game. The main goal of gamification is to make learning not seem boring. Learning through fun games has long been used as an effective learning method. However, the use of technology in gamification has only been found in recent years.

Social Media Learning

Social media is also one of the technologies that is often used as a learning medium. Social media learning is indeed similar to cloud-based learning. Learning materials can also be uploaded via the social media page. It’s just that, usually the features and user interfaces in cloud-based learning are more suitable and can better support learning.