Tips to Prevent Computer Overheats to Have a Long Life

The existence of a computer today allows anyone to carry out various activities on it. Starting from work matters, seeking information, enjoying entertainment, and much more. No wonder, if people can linger in front of the computer for hours. This is one of the emergence of problems with computer overheats.

Heat is indeed the main enemy of the computer because if left for a long time it can affect the health of the components in it. Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent overheating on a computer so that it can have a long life. Then, what should be done to overcome this problem? Come on, see some tips through the following explanation.

Computer Overheats

Using Additional Cooling

The first tip for preventing overheating on a computer is using additional cooling. Where, there are several types of coolers that can be used such as heatsinks, fans, liquid nitrogen, liquid coolers, to thermoelectrics. However, the easiest way is to use more fans or fans. It is important to know the number of fans you are using based on the VGA type, such as the external VGA type, you should use a large number of fans, reaching 4 to 6 units.

The way it works is that the front and bottom fans on the casing have to suck in fresh air. Then, the rear and top fans must blow out the hot air. That way, this can prevent overheating on the computer. You have to make sure all the fans are working normally, if not try to find the cause or replace it if it’s not working. Meanwhile for laptops, you can use an additional fan that is placed at the bottom of the laptop.

Clean Computer Routinely

The next way to prevent overheating on a computer is to clean it regularly. It’s just that, to clean your computer, you need the services of a mechanic or an expert in opening that part. However, if you are used to taking it apart and putting it back together, there’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself.

Make sure to clean the attached dust with the help of a blower with moderate wind speed or a portable vacuum. This allows you to clean the inside without removing the components. If you want it cleaner, you can add it using a soft brush. However, if you don’t want to bother cleaning it, you can use the help of a professional computer cleaning service.

Change the Thermal Paste Routinely

Thermal paste or thermal paste that is replaced regularly can actually prevent overheating of the computer used. Basically, thermal paste itself does not immediately cool the computer, especially at high workloads. However, the main task itself is to spread heat to the heatsink so that heat is easily removed.

In addition, thermal paste can make components work at full capacity without suffering from overheating. At least, replace the thermal paste once every 6 to 12 months, especially computers with heavy use. You can replace this thermal paste yourself or use the services of a computer mechanic to prevent overheating.

Pay Attention to Room Temperature

Activities using a computer in an air-conditioned room for a long duration can actually affect its performance, especially in preventing overheating. If you don’t have air conditioning, at least keep the room air from getting hot and stuffy, let alone filled with cigarette smoke. This is related to fresh air circulation which affects the temperature inside the computer.

As previously mentioned, using cooling aids such as fans, making a room with cool and fresh air or having a stable temperature is an important thing to do. That way, preventing overheating can be done more easily which makes the computer have a long life.

Using Computers Regularly

The last tip that is important to do in preventing overheating on a computer is to use it regularly. Where, this will make computer performance more optimal. Remember, a computer that is rarely used actually makes its components more easily damaged.

Where, the electrical components in the computer will store a lot of moisture or moisture because they never generate heat. When you turn on the computer after it’s rarely done, the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the sidelines of the chip and motherboard circuits can make the electric current in them unstable, resulting in an easily overheated computer.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the computer used so that it is not easily damaged due to overheating problems. By knowing a number of ways to prevent overheating on the computer you are using, it will be easy to avoid it. Especially for those of you who have gaming activities with a duration of up to hours, it is important to take care of the computer you are using.

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