Tips on Buying a Ideal Gadget

Currently, gadgets have become a necessity at this time, gadgets are things that must be had, in addition to supporting the profession, can also continue to establish communication, especially for family and friends who live far away. it is also not possible when you miss a family in the village immediately go home, because sometimes the journey is very far.

Sometimes video calls are also an option but because the gadgets don’t have it, the picture is dark, but the crackle sounds crackle, it’s not clear, it’s already hot and fast, so it makes me feel bad! Have you ever had gadgets that are wasteful, which means wasteful batteries, little scratches, and the last has a gadget that is not enough memory, want to download applications is also difficult, always not enough,

Finding a gadget that suits your needs isn’t easy. I must be smart to choose one that suits my profession, must be smart, must be fast and certainly friendly in my pocket, for the sake of buying a dream gadget that requires me to be diligent in savingI can googling, or buy I look social media also ask my friends, what gadget do you use? Does the battery last? Is the camera good or not? Anyway, it’s a drama, but that’s where I get a lot of information, I have to get a gadget that has a good camera,

1. The camera for me is very important, because it can support my profession and hobby that likes to travel. So I always choose the camera with the best results, of course, for product shots, for traveling and certainly must be good for capturing special moments that may not be repeated again.

2. Battery, it must be durable, it doesn’t feel good if the battery is wasteful because just enough of my face is wasteful, especially if I’m on a trip or again attending a blogger event, the battery continues suddenly, it feels like I want to bite the smartphone, even though now there is power bank, but still I still rely on the battery on a smartphone.

3. The storage capacity must be big, it’s really mandatory, can save thousands of photos, songs, free to download the application and certainly not noisy. Surely there are two choices of RAM, internal and external.

4. Octa-Core CPU which has 1.5 GHz data processing speed.

5. 4G LTE signal network that has 50 Mbps.

6. Certainly the version of Android v5.1 or better known as Android Lollipop. By presenting an attractive appearance and also the operating system is easy to use.

Tips on choosing the ideal adget, namely:

1. Adjust the same needs, certainly different from the same needs as a design expert and with people who only need gadgets for selfies.

2. Adjust the same budget, I myself bought a special budgeted gadget and do not force if you do not have money, so for friends who need the ideal gagdet, buy just get a money, so it’s not worth the money.

3. Buy at a trusted store, want to buy online or offline, but for me it’s no problem.