Tips for raising MMP in Dota 2

Do you like the game, but the defeat is already tired? You want to win more, but your allies play poorly, and the system of selection of opponents is set against you? Do you want to raise the MMR, but a forced 50% win rate prevents you from enjoying the game? Then read today’s post.

I felt exactly the same and it seemed to me that I couldn’t get to Ancient. But then I slowly but surely began to grow. First to Ancient, then to Divine.

In this article I will talk about how I raised MMP, regardless of your motivation.

Learn strong heroes in your division

Many believe that the draft in Dota decides the outcome of the battle by at least 50%. If you win the draft, then the game is much easier to win. Undoubtedly, any draft also needs to win back, but you should always try to get the most out of it.

Learn the heroes that work best in your division

You can see this information in the Meta tab. For example, heroes such as Drow Ranger, Drow Ranger, Lycan Lycan, Visage Visage, Clinkz Clinkz and Underlord Underlord win in the Legend Division. You can compare the popularity of the heroes with their percentage of victories in order to understand how reliable such statistics are.

You can take another step and choose heroes who show themselves well in games against top characters. For example, if you look at the Drow Ranger profile, you can see that she has serious problems against such heroes as Mars Mars, Sniper Sniper, Ax Ax, Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner and Broodmother Broodmother. If the enemy took the Drow Ranger, it makes complete sense to close it. For more, read how to increase your MMR in Dota 2 by TWIFT.

Better fight

Team fights are one of the most important parts of the game. One fight can turn the game around and allow the team to win. One fight can lose all the advantage. You need to play your role with understanding.

To better understand how a particular character should behave in fights, you can try to follow up with a professional Dota. Recently, counter-initiation has become a particularly popular strategy, and not an attempt to start fights on one’s own. This was especially noticeable on the ESL One Hambrug.

TNC.kpiiTNC.kpii and his team won the tournament, largely due to the collection of objects for density. This allowed him to initiate or be the goal of initiation on almost any hero. Already after the enemy spends spells, his support and DPS cores began to enter the fray.

This, by the way, is the main reason why Abaddon is played in third position. His style of play is completely tied to the fact that he forces the enemy to respond to his push, after which his team begins to fight on a U-turn.

If you play a caster, it is very important to keep the correct position. If your role involves the use of a large number of spells, then you should by no means be the target of initiation. Playing as Rubick Rubick or Lion Lion or Oracle Oracle, you can be killed before the team has time to react.

If you look at the pro-scene, the caster heroes always try to hide in the woods, leaving only to use their abilities. They do not stand in a fight and do not try to attack with their hands, but wait for the best moment for a coup d’etat.

Do not stand in a fight, do not beat the enemy, playing for support after the tenth minute. Take the right position and be patient.

Play with your best heroes

This advice is as obvious as it is effective. When I got to Divine, I played my best heroes again and again. This process can be boring, but if your goal is to raise MMP, then this will be the best strategy.

I played exclusively in fourth position with heroes like Mirana Mirana, Lina Lina, Riki Riki and Clockwerk Clockwerk. Fully understanding these heroes, I could better influence the game and be a decisive factor in the victory.

It is very difficult to be in a team in which players do not understand how their hero works. Especially in ranked games.

When you reach your maximum, you will develop faster. The general level of players will be higher, so you will have to react faster and smarter and sooner or later your game will become better. Our second author, KawaiiSocksKawaiiSocks, in his article generally proposed a different approach, in which the idea was a more holistic development of the game’s own level.

Watch pro-games on behalf of the player

Watching games on behalf of another player is a very interesting experience. You can try to understand how a stronger player thinks and how he makes decisions.

Notice the difference between how pro-players approach support and cores. Learn to farm correctly and quickly, trying to capture both the forest and the line by playing on the bark. Maximize your GPM and at least you can get to Ancient’a simply due to the economy.