Thing to check before Hiring The Best Web Designer or Web Developer

If you are looking for your company not only to be the best in marketing but also in design and development, when hiring for your creative team, don’t change yourself.

Do not employ an old designer or developer for a web design company in Dubai just because you have to for any reason.

A creative team “makes magic and brings ideas to life”. They are just as important as your salesmen, marketing strategists, etc..

The market is overflowing with talent, but you must be sure that you find someone who understands your business, know what to do deliberately and is a good artistic fit.

Below are the 12 important tips to hire web Designers and web Developers:

1. Culture Fit

Yes, on paper they look great but what now? Take a step back and see if they suit your web design companyand its principles.

Someone can be very talented and have all the credentials you are searching for, but if they do not appreciate or identify with your business culture, it is not going to be a good long-term relationship.

2. Understanding of User Journey and User Experience

Your goal is to entice visitors to incoming marketing and make them convert. If a potential hire does not understand the user journey and user experience, their work will probably reflect this and they will not be able to help your customers and their organization’s needs and success.

3. Industry Trend Awareness

The world ofWeb design is constantly changing. Your new designer should keep on top of these changes and be clever enough to bring new trends/software and user experience to the table to help your business be competitive.

4. Ability to Adapt

When talking about trends and developments in the business, your designer/developer should be able to familiarize quickly, whether it is in response to a new trend or a business process.

5. Great Communication Skills

Communication is key. Not only is it important to communicate with other designers, but also with the team that they will be working with customers.

Also, they should be able to discuss timelines, criticisms, and offer suggestions. If they don’t have this quality, you might risk your team being unhappy with incomplete jobs, and unhit goals, etc…

6. Passion

Design means working with passion. Not only should your designer or developer be excited about their daily work but they should also be enthusiastic about doing something outside the office.

This could be encouraging interests like photography, painting or illustration and it can allow them to build their website and even learn a new language.

7. Cross-Functional Knowledge

Regardless of whether their title is a designer or a developer, they should have knowledge in both fields and an understanding of marketing and conversion rate optimization. You can also hire web design company Dubai that will help you out in designing and developing websites as these companies have professional web designers and web developers that will surely develop your website in a professional way.

8. Craves Feedback and Criticism

The best designers’ success is in knowing their artwork can be better. With precise design, they can “let go” of their pride, and modify to improve the final project.

9. Can Demonstrate Function Over Form

Often this seems to be very challenging for designers, but being able to prioritize efficiency and performance over appearance is of great quality. The prettiest design sometimes is not the best performer. In these cases being able to lay aside personal feelings and do what is right for the customer and their business is a must.

10. Problem-Solver

A good designer must create beautiful art pieces but a great designer needs to be able to solve problems. Not only do they know the ins and outs of design and the latest trends, but they should also be able to look at a site, identify issues and solve problems.

11. Constantly Looking for Efficiencies

A strong developer must search for ways to help the company expand and reduce time and expense. This could be anything from templating code as needed or creating internal tools like a new framework to streamline processes.

12. Excellent Interpretation

Last but not least, developers need to be able to look at a design and see exactly how it will look when it comes to coding, especially on a smartphone. They should be able to give the creator input as soon as possible on whether this is practical or not.


Don’t leave it to chance. If you want your project to progress just as you have planned, on time and on budget, you need to do the necessary planning research to clearly show what you want to the designer or developer.

Once you have found a good designer or developer, establish a good working relationship with that person and decide to work with him/her on many projects.

This is because your designer or developer should understand well what you want and how you work.