The Best Tips Fixing Striped Pc LCD Monitors

Pc screens, which are commonly called LCD are one of the important components in PC features. With the LCD, we can see what things we have done using the PC. However, the problem that often occurs with LCDs is that lines appear, either horizontally or vertically, all of a sudden. Meanwhile we have tried to maintain the LCD carefully.

You don’t have to worry or be afraid. Don’t rush to the service center either. You can actually fix it yourself if you are diligent. Basically, the striped LCD case is not much different from the striped laptop screen repair method. So here are 5 ways to fix a striped PC LCD monitor that you can do.

1. Use the Pixel Repair app for LCD

Actually there are applications that can be used to repair LCD screens that have stripes. The name of the application is PixelRepairer. The function of PixelRepair is to check the condition of the LCD in several ways, including lines and colors to identify dead pixels on the screen.

The method for using the Pixel Repair Application is as follows.

First of all download this PixelRepairer application first. Then run PixelRepairer. exe.

After that you can sort out the pattern you want, be it colors or stripes.

When it has been selected, then click “Enable”

Later you can see on the screen that there will be a change to the pattern that matches the one you selected earlier. If you click on the screen, the screen display will change to the next pattern. Well, if there are no changes, it means the screen is fine. Conversely, if there is damage then it will appear.

Press Esc again, then select “Repair” –


After that, place it on a dead pixel on the monitor

Wait until some time. If you still have something to do on the PC, you can minimize it.

2. Also check the flexible cable on the screen LCD

If at the initial point the LCD screen still has lines, then try to check the cables, especially the connecting cable between the screen and the motherboard. Usually the problem with this cable is that it is loose or damaged. Try to check whether the cable is properly installed or if something is loose.

After checking and there are no problems, try to try the cable to another monitor. If the other monitor doesn’t have a problem, then the problem is with the cable. Quickly replace the old cable with the new cable.

3. Also check RAM, VGA, and hard drive

This can also be a trigger for the screen to show up lines. If there is no problem with the cable, then try to check the RAM, VGA and hard drive. Open and rinse the pins on the motherboard.

If there are 2 slots in RAM, try moving them to the next slot. If there is still a line in the slot next to it, you can be sure that this is the identity of the damaged PC RAM. Therefore, try changing the RAM. if the new RAM has no more lines, then the cause is RAM.

At this time, if we have replaced the RAM with a new one and the lines still appear, we will check the VGA section. There are several types of VGA, some are removable and some are “embedded” inside.

If it’s removable, you can sterilize the pins. Do the same as checking the RAM. If after cleaning it still persists, then try replacing it with a new one.

On the other hand, for a VGA that is planted, it cannot be tested as well as a removable one. You should check another component, namely the hard drive. Check the condition of the hard drive by changing the cable or changing the hard drive. Also go through some of the components that have been discussed earlier.

4. Try updating the VGA driver

If in the case of the third point it has been tried and still lines are sticking out on the LCD. Try to update the VGA driver. VGA drivers that are not updated can also display lines on the LCD screen. This can happen because there is no synchronization between the old VGA Driver and the latest program.

Until then, to fix this, you can update the VGA Driver that is on your computer. Usually you can get this update on the official website of the VGA vendor that you are using. There are also other VGA update methods such as Intel, for example, the Intel VGA driver update method is as follows.

5. Check Power Supply

If all four points have been done and lines are still sticking out, then try checking the power supply. Sometimes an insufficient power supply can adversely affect your computer components, and the monitor is no exception. Try to check the power supply whether it is optimally filled with energy or not. If not, try changing it with a new power supply.

Those are the 5 ways to fix a striped PC LCD monitor that you can do. If all the points are still unchanged, then you should consult a service center for further revisions. Hopefully this post can be useful for all of you.