Kinds Of Computer Output Devices And Their Functions

In computer devices known components called output devices or often also referred to as output devices or output devices. It is an electronic device connected to a computer that is used to transmit data from a computer in the form of text, sound, images, and other media. It can also be interpreted as a piece of computer hardware that utilizes any data and commands from the computer to perform certain tasks.


A projector is a device used to take pictures produced by a computer or Blu-ray player. The image is then displayed on a flat surface in fronts of it, such as a screen or wall.

This computer output device can be used to display still images (slides) and moving images (videos) on a large screen so that it can be enjoyed by many people at once.


Headphones or earphones are devices that produce sound for listening to audio in private after being connected to the speaker. Headphones and earphones have the same function but different shapes. Large headphones with earpads that cover the entire ear, while earphones are small and only cover the ear holes.


A headset is a device that is connected to a computer or mobile phone. In this tool, there is a microphone so that users can not only hear sounds but also talk to the other person without having to hold the connecting device used. Headsets are usually used by customer service centers and technical support centers that allow employees to talk to customers while typing information on a computer.


A plotter is a device that has a function similar to a printer, which is to print vector graphics. This device uses markers, pencils, pens, or other stationery to draw many lines on paper rather than a series of dots like a traditional printer.

Flat Panel Display

Flat Panel Display or abbreviated as FPD is an output device in the form of a thin and light screen that uses liquid-crystal display technology or LCD. FPD found on all types of laptops is the new standard for desktop computers.


Speaker is a device that is connected to a computer and functions as a sound generator. The signal used to produce sound coming from the speakers is made by a computer sound card.


VGA stands for Video Graphics Accelerator which functions to process graphics data for display on the monitor screen. You could say VGA is the main component so that users can see the display in the form of text, images, or video on the monitor.