How is the internet speed in the U.S. on average?

Internet in the U.S. varies across geographical locations in the country. The most important thing is that the U.S. internet is among the best 10 internet speeds in the world. As far as 60 years back, the U.S. was feeding on the internet of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency), which cannot be compared to today’s internet speed of 52.8Mb/s. So, on average, the United States’ internet speed broadly is around 52.8Mb/s. As much as the internet is vital to the states, it ranked 3rd fastest globally as back as 2019, falling behind India and China. Now, the U.S. has the 8th fastest internet speed in the world. Notwithstanding, many things are still left undone, as many users couldn’t reach the average rate.

Troubleshoot for fast speed

Make sure you do some troubleshooting when your internet starts moving slow. You can do this by taking a speed test or call your internet service provider. If the speed is not up to what you need, then you might have to look for the right Internet Service Provider that can provide the speed you need. Since you can’t start buying and testing every telecom company, you can easily read different internet providers telecom companies reviews on US-Reviews to know the companies with the best speed.

High speed but more money

Frankly, the U.S. has high speed but, the citizens pay more for what they enjoy. On average, about $66/month is contributed by individuals to an internet connection in the United States. This is the cost of a direct internet connection. When you have other subscriptions for TV, home appliances, and the like, the price can jump up to $160/month. Truth be told, the United States is among the countries that pay more for the internet. However, the median speed varies up to 100Mbps, even to 135Mbps.

The United States is not the leading in internet

Yes, America is not leading on the internet. As far as it is concerned, it is far behind 7 other countries. Hong Kong has a record of 170Mbps, and Singapore has the fastest speed of 202 Mbps. Why does America lag? Well, in reality, the U.S. is not fading. Just that the leading countries have less to cover. America is significant, and distributing the internet across all the geographical areas is not quickly done than Singapore with an island of 278.6 square miles.

Why is the internet not equally distributed in the U.S?

We have established that the average interest in the United States is excellent. But, individual locations do not always enjoy the high speed. Most famous cities in the United States are enjoying the highest internet speed, even at this point, everyone in the same towns does not have equal internet access. In the same country where an individual can reach a 1,000 Mbps download rate, some struggle to check a file on the internet.

Data collected by Microsoft shows that about 157.3 million people are not using the internet at its broad speed in the United States. For analysis, cities with the most significant rate include (Bayside – New York, Longmont – Colorado, Somerset – New Jersey, Sterling – Virginia, and Elmhurst – New York). And cities with the lowest speed are (Ville Platte – Louisiana, Stowe – Vermont, Espanola – New Mexico, Oneonta – Alabama).