9 Most Promising IT Jobs

Increasingly advanced technology is not new. With the rapid development of information technology, there are also more opportunities to work in the IT field. The company began looking for candidates who could create, design, research and develop hardware and software to simplify work, increase efficiency and productivity. What areas are there in the IT field? Here are 9 IT jobs with a lucrative salary.

 1. Software Developer

An IT staff software developer whose job is to research, design, implement and test software and systems. The era where information technology is experiencing rapid progress as it is now, a job as a software developer will certainly be needed. Almost all companies today use software systems. This is what makes a software developer can work in various industries such as tourism, entertainment, health, media, or retail.

The challenge that must be faced by a software developer is a lot of work deadlines. The average global salary received by a software developer is around $ 92,660 per year.

 2. Database Administrator

The database administrator must design, maintain, and improve the organization’s database. They are also tasked to make certain arrangements so that users of data are easy to access. To do the job, a database administrator should be familiar with a language that is often known as data manipulation and understand the principles of database design.

Not all IT workers have to deal with computers. A database administrator will have more opportunities to work with many people and many projects. The challenge faced by a database administrator is to keep the database from being damaged. The globar salary received by people who work as database administrators is $ 77,080 per year.

 3. Hardware Engineer

His job is to configure computer hardware and design the layout of computer equipment to improve efficiency. The advantage gained by undergoing this profession is having the opportunity to work with the latest technologies. This job is monotonous, so the hardware engineer will feel bored with his routine. But it will be suitable for those of you who are happy with a definite routine. The global salary received by a hardware engineer is 100,920 dollars per year.

 4. System Analyst

It is an intermediary between business people and IT teams. A system analyst will define user needs and develop solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. Unlike a hardware engineer, a system analyst has a flexible workflow. Not only do the routine, but they also have to meet many people who are involved with the project. A system analyst will examine the system or business model that already exists, then analyze the needs of the system. Then they will develop products, implement, and test solutions in the system. The global salary earned by a system analyst is 79,680 dollars per year.

 5. Network Architect

As the name implies, network architect does things related to the network, such as designing, building and testing communication networks. A network architect needs a lot of places because today many institutions are adding facilities such as wifi in the office. Being a network architect requires a long journey because in general companies will look for candidates who already have certificates. The global salary received is 91,000 dollars per year.

 6. Web Developer

A web developer is a person who studies languages. But not human languages, but programming languages. Not that they cannot speak human language, it’s just that they are a necessity as web developers to be able to make applications on the web. In general, a web developer has a flexible working time. The work they do seems to be endless, so it’s only natural that companies provide flexible time for them to complete deadlines. The global salary received by a web developer is 62,500 dollars per year.

 7. Information Security Analyst

The information security analyst must develop a security system to protect the company’s network and systems. This work provides many opportunities because developing technology will trigger cybercrime as well. This work demands to be always up to date with methods of cyber attacks and develop other methods to combat this. the global salary received is 86,170 dollars per year

8. IT Support

Served to provide IT technical assistance for companies. IT support is also flexible because it works in a field that is quite common in the IT field. This job requires time to always be ready whenever the company needs help. Suitable for you who are smart management of time both for personal and corporate needs. The average global salary received is 48,900 dollars per year.

 9. System Manager

Serves as a planner, coordinator, and directs what types of technology can be used, which are by company activities. Manager positions include top positions that allow you to manage the company as a whole. Like all manager positions, top-level positions will usually take more time, requiring you to work overtime for example. But the salary received is also by hard work, which amounts to 120,950 dollars per year.